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How to Setup your Autotask Account.
How to Setup your Autotask Account.

V01. l Q4 2022

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Binox has developed a sync algorithm to help our fellow MSPs transfer all their contacts information to our platform, so you do not have to use multiple tools to do one job.

You can bring all your contact information to Binox with a click of a button! Once you set it up, you can start your sales and marketing process without delay. The process of syncing this information is automated and simple, please follow the next tutorial to learn how.


  • If this is the first time setting up your Binox account please make sure to connect you email within the platform, for Office 365 "click here", for G suite "click here".

Autotask Configuration

1. Starting from the top left of the dashboard, use the start menu to navigate to Admin.

2. Select the Account Settings & Users screen.


3. Select the Resources/Users (HR) subsection which you can use to create a new
Security Level for Binox API user in order to create the required permissions.

4. Click on Security Levels.


5. Right-click on the empty space to the right of an existing role you would like to use for the new Binox security role.

6. From the dropdown menu please select Copy Security level.


Autotask security level configuration

1. Start by giving the new role a descriptive name.

2. Click on the + Plus icon on Other


3. Make sure that "Can create Webhooks" option is checked.

4. Under the "Maximum number of Webhooks" type the number 10.

5. Next click on the + Plus icon on Web Services API


Web Services API Configuration

1. On "Web Services API" click on Full Permission on the right upper corner.


2. Important! Next to "Configuration Items & Subscriptions" Uncheck the Delete option.


- Click "Save and close" to begin the next steps.

3. Starting from the top left of the dashboard, use the start menu to navigate to "Admin"

4. Click on Resources (Users)



1. In the upper left corner, hover over the dropdown menu next to the + New button until you are presented with the option to create a new API user or New Resource.

2. Select "New API User"


3. Start to fill out the required fields in the popup dialogue. This won't constitute an actual user within your system, you can provide any descriptive name and email of your liking.

4. Important! Please click on the "Security Level" drop down and select the Security Level we created previously.



1. Under credentials create a username similar to the email address you provisioned before, this email must contain the domain of your organization.

2. It is recommended to use the "Generate Secret" button to make a strong and unique secret password which you will need to enter into the Binox application directly to complete the process.

  • Please copy the password and save it on a safe place for a later use.


API Tracking Identifier

1. Scroll down to find the API Tracking Identifier window and select "Integration Vendor".

2. Click on the Integration Vendor dropdown list and scroll down to find and select "Binox MSP - Data Synchronization and Sales Reporting".


3. Important! Please copy your API user's username and password and save it on a safe place, you can now save and close the window.


Binox Configuration

1. Log into your Binox account and click on your profile icon on the right upper corner.

2. Under the settings dropdown please select My Account.

3. Click "Connect" under Datto's Autotask.

4. Enter the username you created inside of AutoTask and click on next.

5. Type the password you generated inside Autotask and click on Connect.

You are all set up! That is all you need to prepare for your onboarding day. Please do not email these keys to us, these are for your private consumption only. We are excited to have you be a part of our community of MSPs who are looking to grow their business. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]
Meet you on the onboarding!

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