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How to Setup your ConnectWise Account.
How to Setup your ConnectWise Account.

V01. l Q4 2022

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Binox has developed a sync algorithm to help our fellow MSPs transfer all their contacts information to our platform, so you do not have to use multiple tools to do one job.

You can bring all your contact information to Binox with a click of a button! Once you set it up, you can start your sales and marketing process without delay. The process of syncing this information is automated and simple, please follow the next tutorial to learn how.

  • Pre-requisites

    If this is the first time setting up your Binox account please make sure to connect you email within the platform, for Office 365 "click here", for G suite "click here".

Step 1: Create Security Roles

1. Click on System on the Left lower corner.

2. Select Security roles on the upper tab.

  • On the Security Role page, click on the + Plus icon in the upper left corner.

  • Name the "Role ID" you would like, take a look at the example below.

Set up each category with the next examples.






When finished please click on the save Icon.

Step 2: API Key Creation

  • Click on System and then Members.

  • Click on API Members tab and then click on the + Plus icon on the left corner.

Fill up the information and use BinoxMSP to recognize the API Member.

*Important: Under Role ID, please select the role we just created in the previous step.

Here's an example:


When finished, please click on the save button.

  • Once you create the member, click on it, and select API Keys tab

  • Click on the + Plus icon to generate Public and Private key.

Use a description such as BinoxMSP, and be sure to save your public and private key in a safe place.

Binox Configuration

  • Log into your Binox account, click on your “Account Profile” icon, and select “My Account”.

  • Click on "Products and Add-ons" on the left panel, at the drop-down select "PSA" and click on "Connect" below the ConnectWise option.

  • First Step, Type in your Company ID

  • Second step. Copy and Paste your Public Key and click on next.

  • Third step. Copy and Paste your Private Key and click on next.

  • Fourth step. Select your URL if cloud hosted by click on the "Select URL" dropdown, if not type the URL accordingly.

Do not delete your public and private key yet, you will need it during BINOX onboarding.

You are all set up! That is all you need to prepare for your onboarding day. Please do not email these keys to us, these are for your private consumption only. We are excited to have you be a part of our community of MSPs who are looking to grow their business. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]
Meet you on the onboarding!

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