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Connecting Zoom to Binox.

V02. l Q1 2023

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Binox offers Zoom integration so you can have video meetings with customers directly from Binox CRM, by integrating Zoom you can streamline your workflow, increase efficiency and boost productivity, schedule appointments and build relationships with your customers by following this tutorial.

Step 1: Using the Zoom Extension within Binox.

  • Click on your "Profile picture icon" in the upper right corner.

  • Select "My Account" on the settings drop-down.

  • Select "Products and Add-ons"

  • Click on "Connect" Under the Zoom option.

- Log into your Zoom account via the Authorization Portal.

Note. When successfully connected, you will see the Zoom button change color indicating setup is complete.

Step 2: Using the Zoom Extension within Binox.

Note. When you are in the Sales view, looking at Leads, Opportunities, or Contacts you can start scheduling meetings with Zoom.


1. Click on the "CRM" Icon in the right upper corner.

2. Click on the "+ plus" icon on the lead of interest.

3. Schedule a meeting by entering all the relevant information pertaining to the date and time when you would like your meeting to be scheduled, and then select zoom under the platform dropdown.

Note. If you have Microsoft Teams connected, this will be shown as well.

Review Schedule Meetings

Note. Once your meeting is scheduled, you'll be able to see it in multiple places.

  1. The first will be to the lefthand side of the '+' icon on the lead.

  2. In the calendar view, you'll be able to see Zoom meetings show up at their scheduled time slot.

Note: You can also check for a meeting under the "Calendar" Tab on your Sales Manager screen.

An alternative way to schedule a Zoom meeting.

You can click on contacts, leads, or opportunities to see an enhanced view that allows you to schedule tasks, phone calls, Emails, Vmails, SMS Messages, and video conferences and select "Meetings".

Step 3: How to Disconnect Zoom from Binox

  • Click on your "Profile Picture" icon in the upper right corner, and select "My Account" on the drop-down.

  • Under "Products and Add-ons" Hover over your "connected" Zoom product and it will change to a red "Disconnect" button, click "Disconnect".

  • Click on "Yes Disconnect" under the prompt window " Are you sure you want to disconnect Zoom from your products"

  • Log into your Zoom account and revoke/remove the Binox application.

For more information and tutorials please visit our Help Center.

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