Binox Credit System.

V01. l Q4 2022

Updated over a week ago

Binox employs a simple and user-friendly credit system for purchasing leads.

  • Credits System.

Note: Our credits system works as follows:
​Human Verified Leads cost 20 credits each, while Machine Verified Leads cost 10 credits each.

Prices and amounts are always visible to you, see below:

  • The Average price for human verified leads.

  • The Average price for machine verified leads.

  • Purchase more Binox credits.

How Can I Purchase More Credits?

  • Purchase more leads by clicking the "Get More +" button.

  • Select the number of credits you want to buy.

  • Confirm your purchase

And that's it! You now have more credits to continue buying leads.


For more information and the latest tutorials, visit our Help Center.

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