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Binox is always looking for the latest technology to help MSPs find new prospects, and for this reason, we have developed "Website Reveal". This powerful tool helps you identify the hot leads that land on your website, we only show you contacts that we can verify and provide you with the information we can confirm, "Website Reveal" has become one of the most beloved tools from Binox! Find out why in this tutorial.

"Website Reveal" answers 2 questions:

  • Do you know when your prospects visit your website?

  • Is your marketing working?

Step 1: Add the Website Tracking Script to your site.

  • Click on our “Leads” section.

  • Under Leads” click the “Website Reveal” tab.

  • Click on “Add a website tracking”.

Fill in your website information,

  1. Put any name for “Website Name”

  2. And type your URL address.

Note: A tracking code script will be generated, feel free to copy that and give it to your web developer. Ask them to put in the “HEADER” of your website.

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  • Click Next, and the “Waiting to Connect” will be displayed, you can close this box and come back when your web developer has confirmed the installation of the tracking code.

Note: If you receive the “Something went wrong” error message is because the tracking script was not properly installed on your website.

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Step 2: Verifying installation

Select “Checking tracking code” under the Website Reveal page. To verify the installation.

  • Slack Notifications.

Note: You can link your Slack messaging program to receive Website Reveal notifications by doing the following:

  • Under the Website reveal page, click on the “Notifications” button, and select “Slack Notifications”.

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  • Sign into your Slack Workspace by entering your “Workspace’s Slack URL”

  • Select Allow on the requesting permission page.

  • You can add the Channel on Slack where you want to receive the notifications by adding them in the following options, click on save to continue.

  • When you are finished, you will see a green circle next to the Slack notifications, now you should receive all website reveal notifications on your Slack messaging program.

For more information and tutorials, visit our Help Center.

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