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Binox Scheduler.

V02. l Q1 2023

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Binox makes it easy for MSPs to stay focused on marketing and sells, this is a feature that our clients use all time, it saves you time by providing the tools to book meetings with your leads inside Binox and avoiding using multiple programs to achieve the same goal.

Binox scheduling system will help you exceed customer expectations as you offer them a multi-channel personalized experience by informing your leads of the date and time you have availability so they can schedule a meeting with you.


  • You need to set up your email clients under the “My Account” section on Binox, see instructions on how to connect them here: “Microsoft 365” or “G Suite”.

  • Make sure you have your "Zoom" account connected to Binox, see instructions on how to connect your Zoom here.

This is how it works:

  1. Click on your “Profile Icon”.

  2. Select “My Account”.

  3. Under “Connect Products and Add-ons” select “Binox Tools”.

  4. Click on “Open” on “Binox Scheduler”.

  • Click on “Add Scheduling Page” to create a new schedule link.

  1. Click and type the name of the event.

  2. Type in the event place, for example, Microsoft Teams, Zoom meeting, etc.

  3. You can select the time this meeting will last by clicking on the number and minutes dropdown.

  4. This will display a preview of your scheduled meeting.

Binox Scheduler

1. You can select what days of the week you have available by selecting each individual date.

2. You can select what time you have available by clicking on the drop-down for each hour.

3. Select the add button for additional weeks.

4. You can choose how far this event will last for booking.

5. Type in the name you want for your Booking page.

  • Click on “Create” when you are finished.

Note: Once you have created the event, you will be able to see it under your “Binox Scheduler”.

  • Once the schedule has been created you can “Copy Link” and send it over Binox Activities Email or your personal mail platform.

  • Click on “View” and this will take you to your Microsoft or Google Calendar.

  • Make sure you sign in with your credentials.

Microsoft Calendar example:

Note: Once logged in, you can check the availability and time conflicts with your leads, when you click on the time select “Confirm”.

  • Check the recipient’s name and email and click on “Submit” and you are all set.

  • Going back to Binox Scheduler, and click on “Edit” to arrange some changes to your meeting.

Event Info.

1. Under "Event Info" you have the option to Edit the duration of the meeting by clicking on the number and minutes tab to change it.

2. You have the option to send a Min. Booking notice and a Min. Cancel notice for your leads to choose from by clicking on the corresponding tabs.

3. You can set the time limit your lead has to schedule a meeting.

4. Buffer time will allow a little extra time between tasks.

5. You can redact a Cancellation Policy for your leads in case needed.


  • Under “Calendars” click on the tab and select the agenda you want to use for booking, Click on “Advanced” for more options.

  • Under Calendar “Advanced” you have the option to schedule meetings on your personal calendars of your choosing by adding a checkmark next to the calendar.

Opening Hours.

  1. Under “Opening Hours” Select your current time zone.

  2. Click on the days you have available and select “add” to include more weeks.

  3. Select the time frame you have available for the meeting.

Booking Flow.

  • On “Booking Flow” You have the option for your booking to be handled automatically or manually, also you can choose a “Custom Page” to transfer your booking information to another website. Click on “Learn More” for more information.


  • Under “Reminder” you can set the rules on how your new bookings and cancellations should be handled by adding a checkmark on the box on the corresponding option. Click on “Add Reminder” to customize it.

  • On “Add Reminder” you can change the alert before the event, also you can choose from your Email Recipients and Email it directly to a subject. Click on “Create” to finish.

Custom Fields.

  • On “Custom Fields” is where you can add what information your guest provides for the event, Name and Email are on default, but you can click on “Add field” to add your own.

  • On “Add field” you can edit what kind of information is required from your guest, type in the label and click on the “Type” dropdown and select from the options available. Add a checkmark on the “Required” field if needed and click on “Save” to continue.

Page Styles.

1. Type in a “Company Name” this is displayed in the page title and is shown when the page is embedded on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

2. You can upload a company logo by clicking “Upload” the minimum requirements are 300x150 pixels.

3. This changes the unique URL of your booking page for example: “”.

4. This will help you change the theme color of your page.

5. Type in to change the Submit button text for example: “Reserve Appointment”.

6. Type in the message you want to display after your guest books an appointment.

  • Click on “View Page” to visualize a preview, click on “Delete Page” to delete the appointment, or click on “Save & Exit” to save your changes.

For more information and the latest tutorials visit our Help Center.

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