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Video Mail is a great way to achieve Top of Mind Awareness in your prospects, as well as instruct customers on how to approve quotes and more. Send personalized tutorials, product tours, or presentations, you can build credibility and trust, with your VMails.

Pre-Requisites: For VMail to work on your Binox account, you need to have set up your email clients under the “My Account” section on Binox, see instructions on how to connect them here: “Microsoft 365” or “G Suite”.

  • You can start a VMail right from a contact/opportunity card, simply by clicking on the PLUS sign. You can also do it inside the opportunity/contact section of the CRM.

  • Once inside the “contacts card” click on the “Vmail tab”.

  1. If you have created email templates (Email Marketing, click here for documentation) start to use them by clicking on the “Select Template” drop-down to choose one.

  2. Type manually your content or use a template.

  3. By clicking on “Start Video Recording” you will invoke the VMail tool to start recording a video. That video once done will be attached to the email.

Note: Click on the settings button next to the “Template” drop-down so you can add a template, you look for a template by name or filter it by category.

Step 1: Recording a Vmail.

  • Click on “Start Video Recording”, a “permission for audio or video will pop-up" up on the left upper corner of your web browser, please click on “Allow” so Binox can use your camera and microphone to record the video.

  • Make sure you select the correct hardware under the “Video Settings” pop-up at the right corner of your screen and click on “Show advanced options” If you want to enable a “Recording Countdown” at the start of each video recording.

    Note: The countdown will not be recorded, it is only to let you know the exact moment the video recording starts.

  • Click on the “Screen and Camera” dropdown to choose from the 3 video formats available for recording. “Click on Start Recording” for more options, See examples below.

  • On the “Entire Screen” tab you can choose what available screens you want to share click on “share” to start recording.

  • On the “Windows” tab, you can share specific windows on your desktop, click on “share” to start recording.

  • On the “Chrome Tab”, you can share a specific Chrome Tab on your desktop, click on “share” to start recording.

  • When you click on Share the “Countdown” will start, when it reaches 0 the recording will start. When you are finished, click on “Stop Sharing” at the bottom.

When you are finished, you will have 3 options to choose from, to “Redo”, “Delete” or to “Insert video” to the email.

Note: To review the video before sending it, click on the “Play” button at the center.

  • When you are done redacting your VMail, you should see the video attached to the mail just like the example below.

Important: You have 3 options to choose from, Send”, “Send Later” (to schedule when to send the Vmail on your Calendar), or “Cancel”.

For more information and more tutorial please visit our Help Center.

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