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Importing your own Leads to Binox List Section.
Importing your own Leads to Binox List Section.

V01. l Q1 2023

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Importing leads records from a spreadsheet to use on "My List" section is as simple as drag and drop.

You can import records into Binox in two ways

  • As a contact in our "CRM." click here for the tutorial.

  • As a lead in "My list" Section. Continue reading for more information 👇.

Why the distinction? you may ask. Our goal is to provide customers with flexibility when importing leads, allowing them to work with the leads in the "My List" section to ensure accurate information before starting any marketing campaigns. By separating these leads, you can focus on getting them ready for marketing, ensuring that you only target those who are most likely to convert.

Importing Leads

Note: You can export your records from any PSA or CRM, in this tutorial we are using ConnectWise as an example.


To import your records into Binox, you need to export them from your current system into an Excel spreadsheet and then save the file as a CSV format. This allows Binox to import the data correctly and ensures that your records are structured in a way that is compatible with our system.

⚠️The file can not contain any of following characters:

The Required Fields are: first_name, last_name, company_name and email

This is the list of the records we support inside of Binox that you can import:

  • Contact First Name

  • Contact Last Name

  • Email

  • Direct Phone Number

  • Work Phone Number

  • Mobile Phone Number

  • Lead Source

  • Facebook URL

  • Twitter URL

  • Instagram URL

  • Company Name

  • Company City

  • Company State

  • Company Street Address 1

  • Company Street Address 2

  • Company Postal Code

  • LinkedIn URL

  • Company Zip

  • Notes

Step 1: You need to create the import file from your PSA or CRM

(ConnectWise Example down below)

  • First you need to log in to your (PSA or CRM) in this case we are using a ConnectWise account as an example, click on “Companies” and select “Contacts”.

  • You need to search and look for the desired “Contacts” you want to transfer to Binox.

  • When you see all your records displayed, click on “Export” to create a “CSV file” and save this file for later use.
    ○ We highly recommend to save your records as a "CSV" file.

  • This is an example of what the "Export file" looks like:

Note: Make sure all the fields are filled with the information you need to export, for example, Name, Email, Phone Number, Company Name, etc.

Important: There will be some irrelevant records on some export files. For example: “entered,” “Contact Rec,” and “status,” to name a few. Those will not be imported into Binox.

Importing Leads into Binox "MY LIST" section.

Binox is a very flexible system in case you want to bring your own contacts and leads from an external PSA or CRM. Follow the example below on how.

  • Under “Lead Management,” click on “My list.”

  • Click on the green “Import Leads” button at the right corner.

  • Click on the drop-down under “Add to” to select if you want to save them on your “Existing List” or “New list.”

    ○ Depending on what you choose, you can create a new list or select a pre-existing list.

Important: double check if the import file has all relevant information to be transferred to Binox MSP.

  • Note: Please make sure you check the pre-requisite section to check the record fields Binox supports.

⚠️ The file can not contain any of following characters:


The Required Fields are: first_name, last_name, company_name and email

  • Drag and drop your list (CSV File) or click on the upload button and select your file.

  1. These are the fields you are Importing to Binox

2. The red triangle icon indicates that the field could not be matched automatically, requiring manual intervention, or that the same option has been selected in multiple fields.

3. These are the fields that Binox matches automatically, please verify if all the matches are good if not, click on the “down arrow” so you can match the correct field with Binox’s.

4. To remove any irrelevant fields from your imported data, simply click on the trashcan icon located on the actions row.

Note: This is an example of how to match the fields from your import file with Binox fields.

  • This is how it should look when finished.
    For example, the First Name field in your import file will match with the First Name field in Binox, when finished click on “Start Importing”.

  • After you clicked on "Start Importing" Click on (See Details) for more information.

After importing your leads into the "My List" section, you can begin editing the information to ensure that it's accurate and complete. This allows you to prepare your leads for marketing campaigns and ensure that you're targeting the right people with the right message. Once you've completed the necessary edits, you can send the leads to Binox CRM for use in your marketing efforts.

Important: You can edit all imported leads and send them to Binox CRM for free, as we do not charge credits for this option.

  • To send a lead to Binox CRM individually, click on the button located in the "Open in Binox" row.

    To send multiple leads to Binox CRM, select the leads by clicking the checkbox next to each lead that you want to send. Once you've selected all the leads, click on the "Send to Binox CRM" button to send them to Binox CRM.

For more information and tutorials please visit our Help Center.

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