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How to Connect your Microsoft Teams to Binox
How to Connect your Microsoft Teams to Binox

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Binox's all-in-one platform philosophy makes it simple for users to integrate their own Microsoft teams account inside our platform, this integration allows workspace for real-time collaboration, communication, and meetings.

Pre-requisites: Microsoft Teams do not support Personal Accounts, you need to have a Work or Microsoft Office 365 account to integrate it with Binox.

  • Log into your Binox account, click on your “Profile Icon” in the top right corner and select “My Account” from the drop-down.

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  • On your left click on “Products and Add-ons” and click on “Connect” under Microsoft Teams in the Binox Sales CRM Section.

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Log in using your “Microsoft Work or Microsoft 365 account” click on next and follow up the login procedure.

Note: Make sure you have a Microsoft Work, or Office 365 account to integrate it.

  • When you are done go back to “Products and Add-ons” and under Microsoft Teams you should see “Connected”

  • To disconnect your Microsoft Teams account, hover your mouse over “Connected”, and it will provide the “Disconnect” option, click on “Disconnect” to unlink your Microsoft Teams account.

    ○ When you Disconnect your account successfully, you will receive a” Microsoft Teams disconnected” message in the top right corner.

For more information and tutorials please visit our Help Center.

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