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How To Manage your Subscription
How To Manage your Subscription

V01. l Q1 2023

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Binox makes it easy for customers to have control over their account subscriptions. When you sign into your account and go to “Manage Subscription”, you can see your payment info, recurring payments, additional products, and more.

  • Log into your Binox account, click on your “Account Profile” icon, and select “My Account”.

  • Click on “Manage Subscription “in the left panel.

1. Under Manage Subscription” you can look at your current monthly plan.

2. You can change, upgrade, or cancel your plan, click on the tabs to look for a subscription that fits your business better.

3. You can choose between a Monthly or Yearly subscription.
● A yearly subscription will grant you 10% off.

4. Under every plan, there are multiple types of subscriptions, for example, Starters, Sales Boosters, or Entrepreneurs. The difference is the number of features you can use inside the platform.

Note: Click on "Cancel" on your current subscription if you want to cancel your account, this will open a chat conversation with customer service to help you with your case.

  • To change your subscription, click on “Change subscription” under any plan you choose and click on “Yes, Change”, see the example below.

  • Under “Contacts” you can purchase additional contact spaces for Binox CRM, below contacts you can purchase additional Binox credits to purchase leads from our Lead Generation search engine.

    Click here to know how to import your own contacts to Binox.
    Click here to know how Binox Credits work.

  • Scroll down to add additional products to your plan, on the left upper corner of each box you will find all the “Active” products you have and a grey “Inactive” when missing, click on each box to remove them or add them to your subscription for an additional amount of money. See the example below.

For more tutorials and information please visit our help center.

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