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How to search results by Company.
How to search results by Company.

V01. l Q4 2022

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Searching results by company inside Binox MSP is one of the simplest ways to get new prospects, our lead generation was created having in mind a simple yet useful customer experience that helps you look for exactly the opportunities your business needs.


  • Once you have searched for your ICP (Ideal Client Profile by Company) within Binox lead system. (Click here if you haven’t) You now can see all the results displayed on your screen.

Step 1: Search results by Company.

1. The amount of companies found based on search criteria.

2. List view of those companies.

3. Map View (virtual sales territory) of those companies.

4. Total amount of contacts within our platform.

5. Type of industry of the selected company.

6. Reported Revenue of the selected company.

7. Headquarters location of the business.

Important: To search for all companies results, you need to scroll down, Binox will keep loading contacts until you reach the end of the list.

Map view location of the leads.


Important: You can "check and uncheck" on human or machine-verified leads to filter them in or out of your lead results.

  • Human Verified Example.

  • Machine Verified Example.

1. Click on the Contacts number to reveal all employees within the company.

2. Number of human-verified leads up to 95% accuracy and verified by a human every 90 days.

3. Number of Machine verified leads, algorithm based 75% accuracy.

4. To search for all contacts you need to scroll down, Binox will keep loading contacts until it reached the end of the list.

  • Contact Information

1. You can uncheck the box to display only Human or Machine verified leads.

Note: Some territories will only have Machine leads.

2. Name of the employee.

3. Job Title of the employee.

4. Office main number.

5. Mobile phone numbers.

6. Verified email addresses.

7. Verified Social Media (Linkedin)

8. Office Address.

  • How to purchase leads.

1. Checkmark the box next to the lead or leads you want to purchase.

2. The leads gets added to your leads cart, then click on the cart to purchase this leads for an external CRM or PSA export.

Note: If you want to open the lead on Binox Internal CRM please look at step 3.

3. Click on “Open in Binox” icon on the right side of the contact information to make the purchase, this will transfer the information to Binox internal CRM.

Note: If you are using a different CRM please see below.

  • Leads Checkout

    1. Send to your CRM of choice (click here how to connect your CRM)

    2. Send to your PSA of choice (click here how to connect your PSA)

    3. Download to an Excel spreadsheet.

    4. "Save to list” section for later view or purchase.

Note: Please click on the video for a quick tutorial.

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