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How to search for leads by Company.
How to search for leads by Company.

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Searching for leads within Binox MSP is one of the simplest ways to acquire new prospects. Our lead generation tool was created with the intention of providing a straightforward yet valuable customer experience that helps you identify the exact opportunities your business needs to initiate a sales and marketing campaign. Please follow the instructions below to start creating your contact list.

Important: It's crucial to understand the difference between searching within Binox by Companies and by Contacts. Think of it as a broader search when using the Company option and a more targeted search when using the Contact search.


Step 1: Search leads by Company

  • Login to Binox and click on "Leads" on the top right menu.

  • Select the “Company” tab on the Search Leads segment on the left panel.

  • Click on “Company” and enter a company "name" or click on “Domain” and enter a company domain.

  • Firmographics: This is the section to identify the firmographic information of the prospects you are looking for.

Step 2: Search leads by Firmographics

  • Location

    1. State: Choose one or multiple states to search for results within an entire state or a group of states.

2. ZIP code: Select one or multiple ZIP codes and narrow your search by selecting a radius.

  • Industry Type.

1. Select the Industry tab.

2. Select from our curated list of industries.

3. Click on the arrow to expand sub-categories within that industry and select the ones that fit with your target.

4. SIC Code tab. Use to search a US Company by SIC code.

5. NAICS Code tab. Use to search a US Company by NAICS code.

  • Revenue and Number of Employees

Note: Use this if you want to search for a range of revenue or a specific size of a company.

1. Add a Range of revenue by company and select Thousands, Millions, or Billions on the down arrow next to the number.

2. Employee size of the companies. Type in the minimum number of employees on top and the maximum number of employees at the bottom.

Clear or Search.

  1. Click on "clear" to erase all the information on the search parameters.

  2. Click "search" to display the results. (click here to learn how to search results by company)

  • For more information please look at the video below.

For more information and tutorials, visit our Help Center.

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