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How to Export Leads from Binox Lead Generation.
How to Export Leads from Binox Lead Generation.

V01. l Q1 2023

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Exporting leads from Binox to your personal CRM allows you to streamline your sales and marketing process. By using Binox lead generation, you have access to a wealth of information with our machine and human-verified leads. The process involves very simple steps, including identifying the correct data fields for your export, in this tutorial we will provide an example using Keap CRM (Infusionsoft).

This is how it works:


1: Generate a Report (Export file)

  • After you have searched for leads by “Company” or “Contact”, make sure you add a checkmark next to the list you want to export and click on the “Check out Cart” at the right upper corner.

  • At the “Cart Checkout” make sure you select the contacts you want to transfer and click on “Download”.

  • A window will prompt if you want to download the number of leads you selected, click on “Yes”.
    Warning: “Binox Credits” will be deducted when you download leads from Binox Lead generation platform.

  • An Excel (CVS) file will be created with all the leads' information in it, download it to your computer.

See the example below:

2: Importing Binox Leads to your CRM (Using Keap CRM as an example)

  • Log into your Keap CRM, at the Dashboard click on the “Settings” button and select “Contacts” under the “CRM” column.

  • Now click on “Contacts” in the upper left corner and click on “Import Contacts”.

  • Click on “Browse” and look on your computer for the .CSV file we created on Binox Lead Generation.

This is an example of how the file looks:

  • Now to need to “Match your fields” with Binox leads information, Binox is on the left field and Keap’s CRM fields are on the right.

Note: The Yellow Triangle means that fields did not match automatically, click on the down arrow and choose the correct field that matches.

See the example below matching the “Email” field:

  • When you are done, scroll down and click on “Next” and follow Keap’s instructions.

    For more information and tutorials, please visit our Help Center.

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