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Setting Up Your Sync Filters
Setting Up Your Sync Filters

V01. I Q1 2023

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Binox is always innovating how to integrate different platforms to create an all-in-one tool, and the primary benefit of this integration is for a seamless flow of information eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Binox CRM and your PSA integration allow for an easy flow of contact information between the two platforms, providing a sync of data that eliminates the need for manual data entry.

If you are looking to take advantage of Binox MSPs powerful syncing sales opportunities between your PSA and Binox CRM. Please follow these steps.


Step 1: Set up your filters on Binox settings.

Note: Filters tell Binox MSP what to synchronize, for example, you don’t want all of your contacts from your PSA to sync to Binox (or maybe you do) but you may want active contacts, of customers or prospects.

Think of these settings of the mechanism to tell Binox what to synchronize.

1. Click on your "Settings icon" at the right upper corner and click "Sync Filters" on the dropdown options.

  • IMPORTANT: The PSA requires a default owner for records in the event that a match does not exist.

  • These are categories of the filters you want to sync, such as Company Types, Company Statuses, Company Markets, and more. You will need to "switch on" the type of companies and contacts you would want to synchronize.

  • You need to switch "on" each filter category you need, at the right side you can further customize your "Sync options", see the example below:

Step 2: Personalize your Sync filters.

  • You can further personalize your "Sync filters" by turning them on and off individually, see the example below.

  • To identify the imported contacts that you Sync, you can apply a "Hashtag" to each contact type or individually.

    See the example below:

Step 3: Preview Report and Save the Changes

Click on "Preview Report Filter" to preview all the contacts that will be "Sync" to Binox and also you can "Download Filter Report" to document on an excel file what records information will be synced.

  • When you finish configuring your "Sync filters", click on "Save Changes" at the top right corner, if done correctly a pop-up will slide confirming the changes.

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