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Binox has created an easy-to-use interface that simplifies the process of following up on contact opportunities with detailed information and tools to create effective sales and marketing strategies. With multiple opportunities attached to each contact, our simple yet complete graphical user interface makes it easy to schedule and keep track of your opportunity appointments. You can even learn how to exceed customer expectations in every interaction by following our tutorial below.


  • To send and schedule emails to your customers. You must have set up your email under the “My Account” section on Binox, see instructions on how to connect them here: “Microsoft 365” or “G Suite”.

  • To take the most advantage of this feature please make sure you have connected your "PSA" to Binox CRM to sync your Opportunity information to our platform. Click here to learn how to Sync your ConnectWise or Autotask PSA.

  • You must have a Bundle” or Sales” subscription on your Binox account.

○ To learn how to check or upgrade your account click on this “tutorial”.

Step 1: Understanding the Opportunity Contact Information.

On the left panel of your 'Opportunity Profile', you can access all the relevant contact information, including the opportunity name, contact name, company name, stage, status, label, and more. This allows you to quickly and easily access all the information you need when following up on your opportunities.

Step 2: Personalize and Schedule tasks to your Opportunities.

First Section:

In the first section, you'll see the description information linked to your PSA for this opportunity. You'll also be able to view the total amount of margin and projected revenue in the Revenue & Margin section. Additionally, you'll have the option to prepare and send a quote, view the Order Porter, or edit the quote in ConnectWise Sell.

If you have not connected your PSA click here to learn how and start using these features inside Binox.

Notes and Activites Log:

In the second section, you can create a note by clicking on the '+' sign. The note will be saved with the name, date, and time of the person who created it. You can also view past activities/actions related to the opportunity in the 'Activities Log'

  • When you click on the “Filter” button you can filter and look at your activity log for a specific activity, when you click on the + plus sign you can create an activity for the opportunity. Continue reading to learn how to create an activity👇

Email History:

“Email History” will display past emails sent to your “Opportunity”, The date, Subject, Email, and Status are displayed for more detailed information, click on “View” to read the email.

Important: the “Status” field delivers important information; It lets you know if your opportunity prospect has clicked and opened your proposal/marketing email.

New Activity:

  • Under “New Activity” you can schedule a Task, Meeting, Call, Email, Vmail or send a SMS text message, you can visualize the tasks by date and time under “Calendar”.

Note: Click “here” to learn how Binox Vmail (Video mail) works.


  • Binox provides an easy-to-understand location tracker on google maps that displays where the business is located plus Time, Date, and Forecast, this information can help you create rapport or break the ice when you speak to your opportunity on a business call.


  • Binox is unique because we are the only CRM that syncs your opportunity product proposal information from your PSA to Binox CRM, this is how it will display:


  • We provide a “Hashtag” system that personalizes your opportunity even more, click on the “Select or Add a Hashtag” dropdown arrow and select or create your very own unique Hashtag and hit “enter” on your keyboard to add the tag. See the example below.

For more information and tutorials please visit our Help Center.

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