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Managing your Lists.

V02. l Q1 2023

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Maximize your lead generation efforts with My Lists – a powerful feature that allows you to create custom lists of your ideal clients. With My Lists, you can easily organize and keep track of all the information you need to target the right leads for your business.

To create a new list, simply search for leads in the search leads section and filter them by criteria such as industry, company size, or location. Once you've found the leads that fit with your ICP, save them to your list. You can also import your own leads by following these steps.

👉 Continue reading to learn how to create a new list, add leads to your list, and use your list to streamline your lead generation process and achieve your business goals more efficiently than ever before.

My lists, it’s a feature inside our LEAD searching section to organize your Ideal Client’s Profile” you have selected on Binox lead generation, it provides a “double-check” before taking any action or making any lead purchases in bulk.


  • Ideal Client Profile: An ideal customer profile (ICP) is a potential customer your organization is most interested in doing business with. To create this profile, consider quantifiable characteristics such as the number of employees, annual revenue, geographic location, and industry type. Click here to learn more.

  • Human Verified Lead: A human-verified lead is a potential customer or prospect that has been qualified and confirmed by a human being to be a good fit for the company's products or services.

Step 1: Send your Ideal Client Profile to “My lists”.

Note: Adding leads to your lists does not incur any charges. When you're ready to purchase your leads, simply go to "My Lists" and select the leads you want to buy.

  1. Add a Checkmark next to your potential lead and click on the “Checkout Cart” at the top right corner.

  2. At the “Checkout Cart” add a checkmark on the leads you want to save and click on “Save To List” to transfer this leads to “My List” section.

  3. At the “Save to List” modal you can add your leads to an “existing list” previously created or create a “New List”, once you have entered the required information, click on "Save".

2: “My Lists” Features and Interface.

  1. You can create a new list by clicking “New List”

  2. You can send your leads to your external or Binox CRM by clicking “Send to CRM” (This will discount credits from your wallet.)

  • When you send a list to your CRM you can choose between sending it as “Contact & Company” or “Add as an Opportunity”.

5. You can send your leads to your PSA by clicking Send to PSA
(This will discount credits from your wallet.)

  • When you send a list to your PSA you can choose between sending it as Create contact & Company or Add as an Opportunity”.

6. Click on Downloadto create an Excel file with your selected leads information to
download (This will discount credits from your wallet.)

7. To import your own leads from other platforms, simply click on the "Import Leads" button. Click here to learn more about it.

8. Under the table you will have 3 types of lists:

Note: "Purchased History" and "Human Verification Requests" are two lists that display data about your past purchases and verification requests, respectively. These lists are pinned down and cannot be removed.

Purchased History List

In this list you can view all the leads you have purchased for any of the following options: send to CRM/PSA, download, or purchased directly within My List.

To display all the purchased leads for a specific time period, click on the calendar icon located in the upper right corner of the "Purchased History" list, next to the "download report" button. This will help you keep track of your purchased leads and make informed decisions about your lead management based on your past purchases.

Human Verification Requests

While no data provider can guarantee 100% accuracy, at Binox we offer a powerful human verification feature to help you improve the quality of your leads. Our team of researchers goes through each of your requests to correct any mistakes and verify the information's accuracy, ensuring that your leads are reliable and up-to-date.

Note: This functionality is available for leads that are machine verified and already purchased, click here to learn more.

In this list, you can see all the requests you have made and their statuses. Check the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for each request and the status, which could be 'requested', 'cleaned', or 'no information found'.


  1. "Requested" means that human verification is still in process.

  2. "Cleaned" means that human verification was successful and additional information has been updated on the lead.

  3. "No Information" intel that there was no further information found for a specific lead.

Regular Lists

To create a Regular List in Binox, simply import or send your leads from the search leads section to My List. Once your leads are in "My List", you can organize them into specific lists and verify or edit their information to ensure that your leads are reliable and up-to-date before sending them to the CRM to market them.

  • Look for the 'Verified' row on the left side of the list table. This row displays an icon that indicates whether the lead is human or machine-verified and the source of the lead, such as Search Leads or Imported.

  • On the right side of the list table in Binox, you'll find the main lead information, including their name, company, job title, and work phone, as well as their checked-out status, open in Binox functionality, and actions row.

    Note: Purchased leads will display with a green checkmark, while non-purchased ones will display in grey on the “Checked Out” row.

  • To access extra options for individual leads in Binox, look for the 'Actions' row. Clicking the 3 dots next to a lead will provide you with a range of options that you can use to manage your leads.

The actions are:

Purchase: By purchasing a lead, you'll gain access to all of its data and be able to make any necessary changes to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

Edit: Once you have purchased a lead, you can use the Edit function to modify the lead information as needed.

Request Human Verification: If a lead is machine-verified and is not an imported lead and you want to ensure its accuracy, you can use the Request Human Verification function, and check the status of your request under the "Human verification requests" list.

Send to PSA/CRM: This function allows you to send a lead directly to your PSA/CRM system. Note that you will be charged for this action if you have not yet purchased the lead.

Move to: If you want to move a lead to a different list, you can use the Move To function to do so.

Delete: If you want to remove a lead from your list entirely, you can use the Delete function.

For more information and tutorials please visit our Help Center.

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